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Our Terms & Conditions


1. This website is owned and operated by The SMEC Automation. Our company information is at the end of this document.

2. Please read these terms and conditions carefully. They replace any previous versions. By registering on or using our Service (as defined below) you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Please print or save these terms for future use as we will not keep a file copy specifically for the transaction with you and we cannot guarantee that they will remain accessible on our website in future. These terms and conditions are available in the English language only.

3. These terms and conditions apply to all Users.


Capitalised terms have the following meanings in these terms and conditions:

1. “Advertisements” - all promotions on our Service of any kind including recruitment advertisements, job listing, job auction listings, skill auction listings.

2. “Advertiser” - a User who places an Advertisement on our Service.

3. “Consumer” - an individual acting for purposes which are wholly or mainly outside that person’s trade, business, craft or profession.

4. “Content” - all information of whatever kind (including Advertisements, posts, comments, chat, images, photos, audio, video, messages etc.), published, stored or sent on or in connection with our Service.

5. “Service” – our website, the services we offer by means of our website and any related software and services.

6. “User” - persons or organisations using our Service (whether or not registered with us) including Advertisers.

Changes to the terms and conditions

We may change these terms and conditions by posting the revised version on our website at least 7 days before they become effective. Please check our website from time to time. You will be bound by the revised agreement if you continue to use our Service following the effective date shown. If you are a Consumer which has paid to use our Service, the revised agreement takes effect if you continue to use our service once the period covered by the payment period ends.

Use of our Service

1. We grant Users a limited personal non-transferable right to use our Service subject to these terms and conditions.

2. You are not eligible for, and must not use or register on, our Service if:

a) you are below 16 years of age; or

b) display of or access to any aspect of this Service is illegal under the laws (if applicable) of the country from which you are accessing the Service (e.g. because the country does not permit such a Service or display of or access to such material at all or because you are under the relevant age limit in that country); or

c) you have been convicted of any offence, or subject to any court order, relating to assault, violence, sexual misconduct or harassment.

3. Where you communicate with us on behalf of a company / organisation, you promise that you have authority to act on behalf of that entity.

4. By agreeing to these terms and conditions as an agent, such as recruitment agent, you confirm that the client for whom you act in connection with use of our Service is bound by these terms and conditions and that you are also independently bound on your own behalf.

5. You agree that you will not in connection with the Service:

6. breach any applicable law, regulation or code of conduct;

7. publish or send any Content (including links or references to other content), or otherwise behave in a manner, which:

i) is defamatory, threatening, harassing, invasive of privacy, offensive, vulgar, racist, hateful, discriminatory, obscene, pornographic, sexually suggestive, promoting of self-harm, misleading, abusive or deceptive;

ii) infringes any intellectual property or other rights of others;

iv) we otherwise reasonably consider to be inappropriate;

iii) involves phishing or scamming or similar; or

c) publish or send any Content which involves revealing any personal data of another person (i.e. information enabling someone to be identified or contacted) unless that person is 18 years or over and you have obtained that person’s explicit written consent or you are the parent/guardian of such person;

d) impersonate any person or entity for the purpose of misleading others;

f) sell access to the Service;

e) publish or send any Content which links to any third party websites which are unlawful or contain inappropriate Content;

g) use the Service to provide a similar service to third parties or otherwise with a view to competing with us;

h) sell advertising, sponsorship or promotions on or in connection with Content except where explicitly authorized by us;

i) use the Service for junk mail, spam, pyramid or similar or fraudulent schemes;

j) do anything which may have the effect of disrupting the Service including worms, viruses, software bombs or mass mailings;

k) do anything which may negatively affect other Users’ enjoyment of the Service;

l) gain unauthorised access to any part of the Service or equipment used to provide the Service;

m) use any automated means to interact with our systems excluding public search engines; or

n) attempt, encourage or assist any of the above.

6. You must promptly comply with any reasonable request or instruction by us in connection with the Service.

7. We are entitled to impose and/or change limitations on usage of our Service, for example in relation to bandwidth.

8. You must ensure that any contact or other information which you supply to us is accurate and not misleading and you will update it so that it remains so.

9. We do not supply support except to the extent specifically stated on our site, as may be varied from time to time.

Your Content

1. You are responsible for your Content.

2. You promise to us that you have (and will retain) all rights and permissions needed to enable use of your Content as contemplated by the Service and these terms and conditions.

3. If you use any features on our site which enable you to share your Content with third party sites, we are not responsible for use of your Content on those third party sites.

4. We reserve the right without notice or refund to suspend, alter, remove or delete Content or to disclose to the relevant authorities or to a complainant any Content or behaviour if it is the subject of complaint or where we have reason to believe that it breaches our terms and conditions, or that such steps are necessary to protect us or others, or that a criminal act has been committed, or if we are required to do so by law or appropriate authority. If so, you must not attempt to re-publish or re-send the relevant Content.

5. We do not accept responsibility if your Content is misused by other Users as this is outside our reasonable control.

6. It is your responsibility to make your own backup of any Content stored within the Service to protect you in case of loss or damage to such material. We are not responsible for such loss or damage.

7. We reserve the right to place advertisements adjacent to or within your Content. We retain all revenue from such advertisements.

8. We reserve the right without notice to irretrievably delete your Content following termination of this agreement or if your account has been inactive for six (or more) months.

Guidance by us

Any guidance or similar information which we ourselves make available on our Service is intended as very general guidance information but we cannot guarantee that it is accurate or up to date and we do not accept legal responsibility for it. Before acting on such information, you must make your own appropriate and careful enquiries including as to its accuracy and suitability for your purposes. You rely on such information at your own risk.

Your account

Your account on our Service is for your personal use only and is non-transferable. You must not authorise or permit any other person to use your account. You must take reasonable care to protect and keep confidential your password and other account or identity information. You must notify us immediately of any apparent breach of security such as loss, theft, misuse or unauthorised disclosure or use of a password. You are responsible for third parties who use your account or identity (unless and to the extent that we are at fault).

Functioning of our Service

1. We do not guarantee that the Service will be uninterrupted or error-free and are not responsible for any losses arising from such interruptions or errors.

2. We are entitled, without notice and without liability, to suspend the Service for repair, maintenance, improvement or other technical reason.

3. We are entitled, without notice and without liability, to make changes to the Service provided these do not have a material adverse effect.


If you have any complaints, please contact us via the contact details shown below.


2nd floor Kaloor Complex,

Cochin PINCODE: 682017

Telephone: + 91 886 130 8546

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Email: training@smeclabs.org